cushioned bed pans

When caring for your elderly family member, their health and comfort are of vital importance. Part of ensuring their best possible quality of life is purchasing all necessary equipment. Especially if you have recently taken on a caregiver role, you might be feeling lost as to what supplies are necessary. The bedroom is a good place to start. Fitting your loved one's bed with health and safety equipment will ensure that their resting hours are free from harm. From metal trapezes to cushioned bed pans, here are the basics of bed equipment. 

  1. Bed Rails
    An older adult is treated in an emergency room following a fall every 15 seconds. To ensure that your loved one does not fall off of their bed, be sure to install one or two bedrails on the sides. This way, they will stay in place despite any rolling and avoid injury.
  3. Lift Chairs
    If your family member has difficulty getting out of bed, and you do not have the capacity to lift them manually, a lift chair will assist in this process.
  5. Trapeze
    While your loved one may not need the assistance of a lift chair, a trapeze could be helpful in helping them get out of bed independently. With this piece of equipment, they can use their upper body strength to sit up and move their body out of bed.
  7. Bed Pads
    Washable bed pads for incontinence are essential in the cleanliness of the bedroom. Disposable bed pads are also available. If your elderly family member struggles with incontinence, make sure to have this backup layer in place. Leakproof diapers for adults could also be helpful in helping your loved one sleep soundly.
  9. Bed Pans or Bedside Toilets
    If your loved one is unable to get out of bed on their own, a bed pan will accommodate their bathroom needs. For their comfort, consider purchasing cushioned bed pans. For someone with more mobility, a bedside toilet may be the best option.
  11. Elevating Leg Rest
    In order to encourage healthy circulation, be sure to purchase a leg rest to allow your family member to elevate their legs. This is especially important if they are recovering from any type of injury.

Just as medical walkers are helpful in day-to-day safety, basic bedroom equipment will keep your loved one safe while they sleep or rest. If you have any questions about what supplies will best address your elderly care needs, speak with your doctor and medical supplier.