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Adult Diapers & Underwear - Tab Style and Pull-On

GoToMedSupply carries a wide selection of comfortable adult diapers and underwear that represent the best in absorbent incontinence protection. Users can enjoy his or her favorite activities without having to worry about wetness or odor. Our leading brands are constructed using specially designed polymers that provide superior protection in pull-on diapers, refastenable-tab diapers and nu fit diapers pull-on diapers,  Adult tab diapers, and Overnight diapers. Customers can also enjoy top brands such as Prevail, Tena, Covidien, Depend, McKesson, Abena, Tranquility and Attends in various sizes to find the right combination for unmatched performance.

GoToMedSupply.com's Tips for Choosing the Right Adult Diaper

We carry every major brand of diaper out there and it can be pretty daunting finding the right fit for you. Based on all our experience and what our customers tell us there are a few key items that you need to consider when buying Adult Briefs. 

1. Do I or my loved one need a Pull-On or a Tab Style Diaper? 

*Answer: This really depends on your mobility and the amount of urine/bowel movement you are dealing with. Pull-On Underwear are typically designed for those that can put on the diaper themselves and are more mobile. If the person is less mobile and confined to a wheelchair, bed, or chair then we would suggest going with a refastenable tab brief. The Briefs with tabs allow the caregivers to easily put the diaper on the patient and is easier for changing. Generally Tab diapers will hold more liquid/bowel incontinence. 

2. What Aborbency do I need to get? 

*Answer: There are about 4 different kinds of absorbencies between each brand of Adult Briefs. 

A. Light Absorbency: This absobency is for those that have a little leakage throughout the day. Typically for those with urinary incontinence. 

B. Moderate Absorbency: These type of diapers are designed for people that have a couple of urinary accidents through out the day and minor bowel issues.

C. Heavy Absorbency: Designed for people that have a heavy flow of accidents and moderate to severe bowel incontinence. 

D. Super Absorbency/Night Time: These briefs and underwear are designed to last up 10 hours without a change. We do have a lot of customers that use these during the day as well. 

3. How many diapers should I order and how often? 

*Answer: This is one of the most common questions we get on a daiiy basis. If you don't know ask your caregiver and they will be able to tell you. The average person dealing with incontinence changes about 3 - 4 times a day. 

4. What is the Best brand for adult diapers?

*Answer: Just like with anything in life it all comes down to personal preference. We like to go off what our customers say and the best brands always seem to be Tena, Prevail, McKesson, Attends and Tranquility. Going with either of those brands you will be fine.

5. Are your diapers shipped discreetly? 

*Answer: Yes.


  1. Prevail Belted Shields (One size Fits Most)

    Extra Absorbency Extra Absorbency

    - Reinforced button holes and reusable straps

    - Belted shield stays securely in place

    - Target acquisition zone

    - One size fits all


    Learn More
  2. Tranquility Belted Undergarment One Size Fits All

    - Adjustable self-gripping straps

    - Wear inside regular underwear or in place of

    - Waterproof, cloth-like outer layer

    - Comes in a Bag of 30 or a Case of 120

    Learn More
  3. Dignity Beltless Undergarment Heavy Absorbency

    - Secure adhesive strip

    - Elastic side gathers

    - Highly absorbent acquisition layer

    - Full mat design

    Learn More
  4. Dignity Belted Undergarments


    - Made for Men and Women

    - Belted undergarment

    - Controls odor

    - Moderate to heavy incontinence protection

    Learn More
  5. Prevail Mesh Pants Size Medium, Large, XL, XXL

    - Unisex incontinence pants

    - Breathable cloth material allow improved airflow

    - Latex-free material guarantees comfort

    - Can be washed without losing their shape, fraying, or losing their elasticity


    Learn More
  6. Tena Comfort Mesh Pant Size (20" - 62")

    - Washable, reusable mesh pants

    - Ideal for incontinence management

    - Suitable for both men and women

    - Comfort, dignity, and security

    Tena Logo

    Learn More
  7. Tena Comfort Pants Size (20" - 72")

    - Washable, reusable pants

    - Unisex

    - Discreet fit and style

    - Lightweight, comfortable fabric

    - 5% off savings for using our Auto-Ship Subscription program. Select any delivery time from every 7 - 180 days

    Learn More
  8. Tena Youth Diapers (17"- 29")

    Moderate - Heavy Absorbency MODERATE - HEAVY ABSORBENCY

    - For youth or young adults

    - Wetness indicator

    - Super absorbent core

    - Hook fasteners for a secure fit

    Learn More
  9. Tena Flexfit Maxi Belted Adult Briefs Size (28" - 50")

    Heavy Absorbency HEAVY ABSORBENCY

    - Flexible Elastic Bands

    - Extra Wide Comfi-stretch Belt

    - Belted briefs are easier to change

    - InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology

    Learn More
  10. Tena Flex Belted Super Absorbency Adult Briefs

    - Flexible elastic belt for ease of movement

    - Easier and quicker to change than traditional products

    - Belted brief eliminates need for lifting while changing

    - 100% breathable Air-Dry Layer

    Heavy Absorbency HEAVY ABSORBENCY

    Learn More
  11. Prevail Per-Fit Mens Pull-on Underwear Size Medium



    - Made specifically for Men

    - Form fitted with stretch material

    - Branded elastic waistband

    - Has the look and feel of normal underwear

    - Free Shipping on orders $75 or more



    Learn More
  12.  Prevail Per-Fit Underwear For Women Size Medium

    Moderate Absorbency MODERATE ABSORBENCY

    - Designed for women

    - Discreet wear and fast absorbing core for protection

    - Contoured shape and support specifically for women

    - Pull-on style, like regular underwear

    - Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more

    Prevail Logo

    Learn More
  13. Prevail Adult Briefs Size Medium

    Maximum Absorbency Maximum Absorbency

    - Breathable brief with tabs

    - Maximum absorbency

    - Odor guard protection

    - Easy-Lock Fasteners for a snug, secure fit


    Prevail Logo

    Learn More
  14. Prevail Breezers Adult Diapers

    Heavy Absorbency  HEAVY ABSORBENCY

    - Provides the best leakage protection with Tab Style Diaper

    - Made for Men and Women

    - Reattaching closure tabs grip and hold for secure fit

    - Skin Smart Fabric for skin health

    - DriFit System provides new level of protection


    Learn More
  15. Prevail Boxers For Men Maximum Absorbency (28"- 64")


    - Boxer fit disposable underwear

    - Added protection where men need it most

    - Printed fabric has the appearance of regular boxers

    - Discreet shipping


    Learn More
  16. Prevail Adjustable Adult Underwear Size Small/Medium

    Heavy Absorbency HEAVY ABSORBENCY

    - Easy-Lock Fastener Tabs make changing easy

    - Pull-on style, like regular underwear

    - Tear side seams

    - Skin Smart fabric for skin health

    - 5% off savings for using our Auto-Ship Subscription program. Select any delivery time from every 7 - 180 days

    Learn More
  17. Prevail Underwear For Women Size Medium Front

    Maximum Absorbency MAXIMUM ABSORBENCY

    - Designed specifically for the contours of the female body

    - Added protection where women need it most

    - Breathable waistband

    - For protection during the day or night

    Prevail Logo

    Learn More
  18. Prevail PM Extended Use Adult Diapers Size Medium Front

    Ultimate Absorbency Ultimate Absorbency

    - Night Time Use

    - Hypo-Allergenic Fabric

    - Easy Lock Fastener Tabs

    - Maximum absorbency

    - 5% off savings for using our Auto-Ship Subscription program. Select any delivery time from every 7 - 180 days

    Learn More
  19. Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs Size 1 Front

    Heavy Absorbency Heavy Absorbency

    - Easy-Lock Fastener

    - Protects from embarrassing odor

    - Doublesorb Layers lock up moisture for Ultimate Protection

    - Supports skin health and wellness

    - Tab Style Brief

    Prevail Logo

    Learn More
  20. Prevail Super Plus Adult Underwear Size Medium

    Max Absorbency Maximum Absorbency

    - New Packaging For Super Plus Pull-on Underwear

    - Skin Smart Fabric with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Chamomile

    - Breathable zones for maximum dryness.

    - Quick wick strip pulls and locks moisture


    Learn More

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