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Adhesives / Removers

Adhesives are a necessary part of ostomy care, but can leave your skin raw and sore. Barrier wipes can help protect the skin, while providing better adhesion of various dressings and ostomy products. When it comes time to remove your adhesive products, adhesive removal wipes can make the process gentle and pain-free. At GoToMedSupply.com, we carry top brands including Skin Tac, BSN Medical, and Covidien, all at great prices, to assist you in your ostomy care.

  1. Covidien Sensor Adhesive Wrap Pack/50 (ADH-A/N)
    31.82 $31.82
  2. Brava Sting Free Adhesive Remover Wipes
    18.77 $18.77

    - Sold as Box of 30

    - Alcohol-free + silicone-based = Sting-Free

    - Dry within Seconds

    - Removes your barrier and any leftover residue

    - Discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go

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  3. Covidien Curity Adhesive Strip (2"x3.75")

    - TELFA pad provides superior absorbency.

    - Soft, comfortable backing conforms to wounds, sealing them on all four sides

    - Non-perforated film provides barrier for fluids and bacteria.

    - Non-adherent TELFA pad does not disrupt or irritate the healing tissue

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  4. BSN Medical Coverlet Adhesive Strip (2"x3")

    - For minor cuts, abrasions, and scrapes

    - Perforated vinyl film and porous adhesive allow skin to heal

    - Size: 2"x3"

    - Protects skin so healing can occur

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  5. Skin Tac Topical Adhesive 4 oz Bottle
    21.1 $21.10

    - Effective barrier between tape and skin

    - Removes easily with alcohol

    - Clear, non-rubber adhesive

    - Aids in the adhesion of appliance and tape

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  6. Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Wipes

    - Clear, non-latex, hypoallergenic adhesive barrier

    - Acts as an effective barrier between the tape and skin

    - Removes easily with alcohol

    - Travel friendly wipes

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  7. Kendall Webcol Adhesive Remover Wipes

    - Packaged in individual wipe packets

    - Contains aloe extracts for soothing skin

    - Removes adhesives from tape, wafer barriers, and barrier films

    - Softens and soothes skin


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  8. Dynarex Skincote Skin Barrier Wipe Isospropyl 70%
  9. Convatec AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes

    - Sold Individually or Box of 50, Box of 100

    - Provides a film layer to protect against skin irritation

    - Gently removes all adhesives like tapes, dressings and skin barriers

    - Iso-alcohol-free Wipes

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