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Sterile Saline

Saline, or salt water, has a variety of uses in medical care. Used in nebulizers and other respiratory therapy, saline can be used to create a soothing mist and dilute medication, or moisten a trach, without the risk of introducing harmful bacteria into the airway. When inhaled, saline can help break up congestion and thin mucous, providing relief from a variety of symptoms. Here at GoToMedSupply.com, our goal is to bring you the best products at the lowest prices. That’s why we carry the top brands of sterile saline in a variety of sizes to fit all your respiratory needs.

  1. saline 9% 15 addipak irrigation 100 ml
    48.87 $48.87
    saline 9% 15 addipak irrigation 100 ml... Learn More
  2. Simply Saline Wound Wash 7.1 oz. Pump Spray Can
  3. Kendall Curity Sterile Saline Solution

    - Sterile irrigation and a wound care solution in a convenient size

    - Steam sterilized

    - 100ML

    - For irrigation and suctioning purpose only

    Learn More
  4. BD PosiFlush IV Flush Solution Pre-filled Sodium Chloride 10 mL Syringe

    - Terminally Sterilized

    - Lower Injection Pressures for Patient Safety

    - Compatible with Needleless IV Systems

    - Cost Effective

    Learn More

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