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Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs have a wide range of uses, such as cleansing wounds, taking cultures, and applying ointments. Here at, we carry a wide variety of cotton swabs, including ones with alcohol, glycerin, iodine, and even ones with dentifrice for enhanced oral hygiene. We offer swab packets, individually wrapped swabs, and prep pad swabs, all with air-tight seals to prevent leaks and drying. Non-irritating and non-stinging, each cotton swab is designed for maximum patient comfort.

  1. BD Alcohol Prep Pads 70% Alcohol Case of 1200
    34.44 $34.44
    Alcohol Swabs BD™ 70% Alcohol NonSterile... Learn More
    33.81 $33.81
    Swab Stick BBL™ CultureSwab™ Sterile... Learn More
  3. Impregnated Swabstick PDI Cotton Tip Wood Shaft 4 Inch 1 Pack NonSterile
  4. Mckesson Cotton Tip Swabstick 6" Shaft (Sterile)

    Mckesson Logo

    - Cotton tip applicators

    - 6 inch swabstick

    - Wood shaft

    - Sterile

    Learn More
  5. Mckesson Cotton Tip 6 Inch Swabstick Non-Sterile

    - 6 inch swabsticks!

    - Great to help apply medication and take cultures

    - Perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas

    - For everyday use

    Learn More

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