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Transparent Dressing

Transparent dressings are useful for situations in which the wound needs to be checked frequently, such as with IV placements. These see-through dressings allow patients and caregivers to see the wound without removing the dressing and causing trauma to the wound or surrounding skin, while still providing excellent antimicrobial protection.’s selection of transparent dressings will provide the wound care protection you need at the price you want.

  1. McKesson Transparent Dressing

    - Transparent Dressing

    - Sterile

    - Single Use

    - Not made with natural rubber latex

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  2. 3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing

    - Ideal for difficult-to-dress areas

    - Breathable film

    - Cut to any shape and size

    - Transparent dressing allow easy inspection of wound

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  3. Mckesson Framed Transparent Film Dressing- Sterile 2-3/8" x 2-3/4"

    - Comes in 1 Each or Box of 100

    - Semi-permeable, water-resistant

    - Transparent window allows site to be visually monitored

    - Provides moist environment for wounds

    - 5% off savings for using our Auto-Ship Subscription program. Select any delivery time from every 7 - 180 days

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  4. Mepore Pro Self-Adhesive Film Dressing

    - Skin friendly adhesive

    - Easy-to-remove protection paper allows for aseptic application

    - Low friction to bed and clothing with sufficient absorption capacity

    - For wounds with low to moderate exudate, surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions

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  5. Cosmopor Border Adhesive Wound Dressing

    - Soft and gentle to the skin

    - Conforms well to body contours and remains in place

    - Fluid repellent backing

    - Protects post-surgical wounds

    - Wounds with low to moderate level of exudate

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  6. OpSite Flexfix Transparent Dressing

    - Relieve pain in painful diabetic neuropathy

    - Retain primary dressings

    - For Prophylaxis of pressure ulcers

    - Protect the skin around stoma and under leg bags

    - Comes in 2 Inch X 11 Yard, 4 Inch X 11 Yard

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